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Gardening Tips

Our partners, Proven Winners and Burpee, have terrific resources to help you with your gardening plans. We've included a few links below for you to look through.


If you are looking to identify any sort of plant, tree or shrub, the Picture This Plant Identifier is a great tool! You can also visit the app store for IOS or Android to download the Picture This app!

Which plants are shade tolerant? Proven Winners has great advice about shade loving plants.

New to gardening? Burpee has great advice to get you started!

Another great resource for getting started, 9 Gardening Tips for Beginners

A home gardening guide for the family has a lot of information for the new gardener.

Happy DIY Home takes the guess work out of part shade garden areas.

Proven Winners has great information in Container Gardening: The Complete Guide.

Better Homes & Gardens has a wonderful fall garden checklist to prepare your yard and garden for winter and the following spring.

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